Architecture & Interior Design Projects of WARD GROUP

WATD Architecture Group has been established with the aim of providing services in the field of architecture and construction industry with the participation of a creative, professional and experienced team. In this regard, according to our capabilities and records in the field of construction industry, we are ready to provide specialized services in architecture, interior design and implementation of construction projects.

Home decoration design

For a glorious and luxurious interior decoration for home or work, it is necessary to bring beauty to the house with comfort and tranquility, to observe the points in interior decoration, and to spend a lot of creativity in the arrangement and interior design of the house. They have a lot to have an ideal and special luxury decoration, but they do not know where to start. To do this, we must first consider the existing defects and conditions, and thus define the wants and needs and accordingly Let's start the interior design of the house.

Design of Building Facade

One of the most obvious features of the city identity is the building facade, which should be designed in accordance with the urban facade and the texture of the facades of adjacent buildings.

  • Among the items that should be considered in the design of the facade of the building
  • The beauty and impressiveness of the exterior of the building
  • Ability to use energy efficiently and prevent its loss
  • Create a durable shell layer to extend the life of the building

Reconstruction of The Building

The set of activities that make a building habitable again is called building renovation. Reconstruction of the building is done in part and also in general. In the partial method, only one part of the building is reconstructed and in the general method, all parts of the building that may be outside or inside the structure are repaired. Renovation of the building, in addition to restoring the damaged parts, also gives new life to the appearance of the building. Renovation of luxury buildings and repairs of buildings do not have the huge costs of building replacement and are much more economical.

Kitchen & bathroom design

Kitchen cabinets, like other home spaces, are very important in the design stage before execution. On the other hand, kitchen cabinets constitute the most space in the kitchen. Be the owner of the building. Toilets and bathrooms are parts of the house that need to be rebuilt and repaired earlier than other parts of the building because the water piping and the constant presence of water in this area cause them to erode faster. You can do this with a low budget to renovate the bathroom. First of all, you should note that you do not need to move tools and equipment. Moving leaks and valves will leave a lot of costs on your hands. It is not necessary to change everything in the renovation of the bathroom and toilet building. Keep in mind that toilets and bathrooms are not in sight and this issue does not require the replacement of all appliances.

Run Interior Decoration

Watdgroup building reconstruction and interior decoration company implements its executive and contracting projects in compliance with technical and executive standards with the cooperation of experienced engineers in the field of interior decoration and building reconstruction. Each building has different spaces, each of which is composed of elements such as ceilings, walls, floors, stairs, doors, etc., and includes different components and materials. Only with careful design and proper organization of components can efficiency, Ensured the durability and beauty of the building and carried out the construction and long-term operation of the building with the aim of the lowest cost and energy.

Design, supervision & execution of luxury architectural projects, reconstruction & interior decoration


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