Modern facade
The facade of the building can be compared to a gift box because at first glance we can only see the appearance of a building.

In fact, this facade can represent what is happening inside the building. In today’s world, due to the widespread discussion of interior decoration design or facade design and the emergence of new styles and materials, competition in the field of design has become very widespread, which creates unique backgrounds and ideas. It has been special and extraordinary in this context.

Modern facade, like other design styles, has its own characteristics, and a modern facade must follow the principles, symbols and criteria of modern design.

To design and implement a modern facade, two or more types of materials or colors are used in the exterior facade, and the main difference with the classic facade is the amount of its decorations, but in modern facade design, the number of materials used or more fractures in the forms Emphasizes that for this purpose, horizontal or vertical designs and designs are combined in combination with the designer’s taste and the client’s request to create a unique and special effect in the city, which, of course, recently for The design and execution of the facade of the municipality is defined by regulations and rules that control the use of the number and type of materials used and prevent the use of unconventional and sometimes non-standard forms.