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The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. Many designers consider the kitchen to be the heart of the house. Therefore, in designing its decoration, great care and attention should be paid.
The equipment and utensils used to decorate the kitchen are different from other parts of the house.
On the one hand, kitchen appliances should be usable and functional, and on the other hand, the design and arrangement of its appliances should be chosen in such a way that it looks modern and beautiful.

The layout of the kitchen is very important. Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, pots, utensils, etc. should be in the right place.
For small houses, proper design and optimal use of kitchen spaces will make the kitchen not look crowded and cluttered.
In this type of house, in order to make the environment bigger, the front of the kitchen is usually left open. If the cabinets are functionally designed, all the appliances can be placed in them and a secluded kitchen can be displayed.

Light & Kitchen chandelier

When you want to choose a chandelier for your kitchen, you must measure the height of the ceiling before any action. Because this issue has a great impact on the choice of kitchen chandeliers. For example, if you have a kitchen with a low ceiling, you can no longer use hanging chandeliers. Because your head may come across this type of chandelier while traveling. Kitchen chandeliers for short ceilings are better to choose from the ceiling type. These chandeliers take up less space and give more light to the kitchen environment.

Modern kitchen curtains

One of the most important equipment in the house is the curtain that is installed in different parts of the house. If your kitchen has windows, you should choose a suitable curtain for it.

Modern kitchen Windows

windows, you should choose a suitable curtain for it. Curtains come in a variety of designs and colors. If the style of interior decoration of your home is modern, it is better to use modern kitchen curtains.

Kitchen model and design

Undoubtedly, the material and color of cabinets and open kitchens and their design have a great impact on the beauty of your kitchen. In today's kitchens, in addition to the design of arches, the use of decorative elements and other details, the practicality of kitchen decoration is also very important.

Kitchen Arch

A suitable option to beautify the home is the kitchen arch, which is designed and executed in different types of plaster, MDF and knauf. The kitchen arch model depends on the style of interior decoration and your taste, which can give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen and living room space.

Kitchen Tiles

One of the items you can use to decorate your kitchen is tiles. Tiles that are stacked together to create beautiful designs.
There are a variety of tiles, both simple and patterned, that are used for the back of the stove or dishwasher.
Simple tiles can be used on floor coverings and their dimensions can be different. Also, if you want to bring freshness and comfort to the kitchen space, it is better to choose glossy and bright kitchen tiles in small dimensions.

Modern kitchen design model

Today, the kitchen design approach has changed a lot compared to the past. In the past, the kitchen was used only as a place for cooking, but in today’s world, it is also a place for residents to gather. Therefore, kitchen decoration should be designed in such a way as to best meet this need. There are many models to have a functional and beautiful kitchen. Some common kitchen models include U-shaped, L-shaped, single-wall, island and peninsula.

Island kitchen design
Kitchen design U