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Stages of reconstruction of commercial or residential building

The process of reconstruction of the building in its main parts is a very important and vital issue because it has a direct impact on the health of body and soul of residents. The stages of reconstruction of the main parts of the building can be prioritized in the following cases:

Restoration of the walls is the first step in the reconstruction of the main parts. In wall restoration, the main walls, which are considered as retaining walls, are usually not demolished. Under the main pillars of the building, which support the weight of the building and cause it to stand, they are placed on retaining walls. In repairing retaining walls, it is necessary to face up to reach the brick.


Reconstruction of the exterior of the building

Renovation of the building in the next step can include examining the roof and columns. Before plastering and designing and working on the beauty of the roof and columns, it is necessary to inspect the roof and columns of the building, metal columns should be reinforced if necessary, small and large cracks in the roof of different parts of the building should be inspected and defective. To be found and then the steps of their appearance beauty are done.

Building Reconstruction Company

By entrusting your reconstruction process to an experienced building reconstruction team, you can walk in this direction with more ease. The reconstruction team with engineers and consultants specialized in the field of reconstruction will estimate the costs according to the amount of reconstruction you are considering and will undertake zero to one hundred reconstructions.

The cost of renovating the building

Estimating the cost and price of building renovation is one of the most important concerns of homeowners. Contact our consultants to estimate the cost of reconstruction.

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Reconstruction of office building

Offices need to be repaired with the passage of time and the frequent visits of customers and clients. For this, we have to refer to the office building reconstruction specialists. Reputable companies that work in this field have specialists related to the same field for each field. This means that a person who specializes in the reconstruction of a residential building should not be given a responsibility or a project in the field of office building reconstruction.

Stages of reconstruction of office building

In some office buildings, we will need to install partitions or curtains, which, depending on the environmental engineering and exactly where the office needs separators, we will also prepare or order them to be used during the reconstruction and Repair of the building of these devices will also reach us. In some cases, there are a number of suggestions for office spaces that we offer to the employer and if he agrees to do them in the environment, we will take the necessary measures.

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WATD Architecture Company

There are many interior design companies that specialize in only one or a few specific fields. Such as home decoration, shop decoration, office decoration and many other branches. Therefore, it is important that the combination of culture, attention to use and taste along with interior design knowledge is the agenda of an interior decoration company. In a way that can identify the needs of the audience and based on its use, to design the interior decoration.