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WATD Group
We Are Able To Do​
WATD Group
We Are Able To Do​
WATD Group
We Are Able To Do​

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WATD GROUP!!! Construction

We specialize in all structural construction, while offering clients our general construction/renovations services.

Quality & Experience in Every Detail

As you know, after the completion of a building structure, at the beginning or after a period of time, measures to repair, maintain, beautify, repair construction equipment, add amenities and beauties to the buildings are always considered by residents and attendees. It will be in one building, which has led many businesses in the field of construction and construction, in a specialized and extensive way to introduce and provide their services to design a decor.

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WATD GROUP! for Your Business & Commercial

Offering a full range of commercial services including structural construction, general construction, and renovations.
Our experienced commercial team can assist in any Project, RFQ, and SOW.

Modern Home Design

Interior decoration, in fact, means creating a space that, while beautiful and unique, has the necessary uses.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is composed of different materials and elements that it is important to pay attention to each of these elements and materials.

Construction and residential projects!

WATD Group is a family-owned and operated business servicing Toronto GTA, Vancouver, Canada, and Middle East.

Starting as a general contractor in 2009. Over the years we have developed and expanded our business within the construction industry.

Construction & Architecture

Execution of all your construction and architecture projects from the start of the project to the final stage of the project will be undertaken.

Interior Design Industry.

Execution of projects with all standards in the home or commercial interior design industry. By using expert forces in all sectors such as demolition group, foundation group, skeleton group and other parts of interior design or reconstruction, your project will be completed in a good way.

Kitchen and bathrooms renovation or remodelling

Our renovation & general construction services include: House Whole Renovations / Basements Finishing/ Bathrooms, Kitchens Remodeling/ Additions, Fence, Deck and complete design/build services.
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